Monday in Tinpiple

Posted: April 14, 2017 in Nepal
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It’s going to be 32 degrees Celsius this week. We’re dreading working in that heat, so we’re having breakfast earlier. Hopefully we’ll get a lot done before it really heats up.

Our usual morning greetings with the road crew have come to an end, they’re nowhere to be seen. They’ve made a lot of progress in the past weekend but still have a way to go, half of the road is still blocked with big blocks of stone.


The missing road crew. We later found them a little further down the road working on a different patch.

Up on the hill we find a new batch of sand, dumped in the exact downhill spot as the last batch. As we make our way up to the construction site we secretly hope we won’t be shoveling sand again today. Good news, today we start with shoveling flint!


Mixing concrete.

Twenty wheelbarrows full go from where the flint was dumped to what we now call Room 1, to be mixed with sand, cement and water until we’ve made concrete. Mixing is of course done by hand, or rather, by shovel. The concrete is poured around steel rebar on top of the brick structure, to make the house more resilient in earthquakes.


Adding the concrete layer on top of the bricks and rebar.

Frames are made with leftover wooden planks, steel bars, wire and bricks, then the concrete is handed up on plates to be poured in. Once it has hardened enough another layer of bricks will be put on top, but for now we’re just working with concrete.


Filling and handing up the plates of concrete.

Somewhere during the day the family tells us we’ll be finished tomorrow, they won’t need any more help after then. That’s not what we were expecting, so we call the office. We speak with Dinesh, who directs us to Samira, who thinks we’re calling about changing the date of the exit interview, but directs us back to Dinesh once she figures out we’re calling about what we’ll be doing as a project for the rest of the week. Dinesh then tells us Om will come visit the construction site tomorrow and show us the place we’ll be working on Wednesday and Thursday.


Madan and Santa’s grandchild will be one of the residents of the new house.

The next morning Deepak comes by, talks to the family, and proclaims it has been arranged. We’ll be working at this project site for the rest of the week. To our surprise Om passes by in the afternoon, to show us the new project site for the rest of the week, and the chaos is complete. It’s clear this organization has a lot of room for improvement as far as communication is concerned.

  1. Mam says:

    Who organises this all? Sounds like in the ashram! Everyone having their own new way to do everything With the Pakistanis calling out for a slag (slagroom) and the Dutch visitors looking very confused …….. to the German man who kept adding fresh garlic to the fruit salad
    Lucky you though with the grand weather, where it’s a high of 9 with rain and wind expected all weekend!

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