Tuesday holiday

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Nepal
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It’s a holiday today, so no work. Because there’s not a lot to do in the village we decide to go to the city after breakfast. The bus between Tinpiple and Kathmandu stops at the pink house at the bottom of the hill, but unfortunately, while we’re on the way down to the road we see it drive past. Waiting around for an hour doesn’t sound too appealing, so we decide to start walking and catch the next bus.


We walk past the our hill, the crew working on the road, the hill where we work and still further along the dusty, windy road. While trying to navigate a nasty stretch of mud we hear a horn sounding, it’s the bus to Kathmandu!

The bus line ends at a bypass in Kathmandu, whith shops and stalls along the road. We set out for Thamel, the tourist area, enjoying the sights of the different wares for sale. Supposedly it’s a twenty minute walk, but we’ve been going for more than that, passing gas stations, warehouses, hospitals, dentists, garages and a cluster of huge high rise apartment buildings with earthquake damage, covered in green cloth. We seem to be lost. No worries, we’re pretty sure everybody in Kathmandu knows where Thamel is, so we’ll just ask for directions, right? Wrong. For some reason everybody we ask points us in the direction we’re already going in. We keep on walking, but the area is becoming quite residential. We pass some schools and decide to take a taxi. Of course, the first thing the taxi does is turn around, driving back in the area we came from.


We have lunch, get our dose of internet and do some shopping, then it’s time to head on back to the bypass bus stop. Because of the state of the highway we prefer to travel while it’s still light and we don’t have time to get lost again, so we opt for a rickshaw. Unfortunately we soon find out that our rickshaw driver has about as much knowledge of Kathmandu’s streets outside of Thamel as we do, he keeps stopping to ask random passersby the way to the bus stop. When he starts pointing to random buses in the road and looking at us hopefully we decide to call Jyoti. Hopefully she can explain to him where it is he needs to take us.


A bus stop in Kathmandu might be a bit different than what you’re used to. The bypass bus stop is a street, where buses stop. There’s no signs, to figure out which bus to take you walk up and down the road and ask the drivers if they’re going to wherever it is you need to go. This might be a bit different if you can read Nepali, as the buses do have Nepali script on them, but for visitors like us it’s what it comes down to. Our bus wasn’t at the stop while we were doing the walking and asking routine, luckily we found a group of people who were waiting for the same bus. Once the bus shows up it’s still a gamble as to what time it will leave, Nepali buses prefer to drive full.


On the way back we drive on into Tinpiple to check out the local village. There’s not much to do, it’s a cluster of shops around a crossing, but there’s beautiful views of the rice fields. Back on our hill we enjoy the wonderful sunset and settle down for the evening.


  1. Mam says:

    So beautiful and such modern looking busses marvellous

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