Second day at work

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Nepal
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Good news, there’s an easier way to get to work! Besides the strenuous climb up the steep and muddy hill we can take a shortcut that’s a bit less steep. This also explains how the trucks with bricks and other building material got up the hill, it’s unimaginable that they took the other route.

way up.JPG

Last night Shyam came home with a bag of bread. ‘You like bread, right?’, He beamed at us. “I got you bread for lunch tomorrow!” And we do like bread, though it was a bit of a surprise he meant it so literally. We didn’t have the heart to tell him we usually also have something on the bread, which is the story of how it came to be that we left with lunch boxes with dry bread in them.


It might be that there’s been some confusion about the holidays. Yesterday we were off, today when we reach the construction site the men are nowhere to be found. Only Santa and her daughter are there. Neither speak English, and our Nepali is useless, but with some pointing and gesturing we figure out that the path along the new house has to be widened. Our job for today is moving a whole lot of rocks out of the way, to make this happen.


Luckily it’s still hot when we get back from work, so the cold shower is rather enjoyable.


One more thing to be solved before dinner, the cooking gas is finished. Shyam’s down the hill at the pink house and the shops in Tinpiple close in an hour. We can buy more cooking gas, but how does the empty canister get down in the village, and the full one get up here? J carries the empty canister down the hill, Devie and Shyam bring it to the village on the moped and buy a full canister. And bringing it up the hill? Shyam carries it up on his shoulders. When asked how they get bigger stuff up here, like the fridge for instance, he replies “Same same, everything has to be carried up the hill”. It’s the unfortunate reality of living to high above the road.

  1. Mam says:

    Goodness , what a wonder

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