First week in photos

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Nepal
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  1. Mam says:

    I am so enjoying your book and photos . How was the bread in the end ? Is it cold at night since working so hard in the day leaves only time to sweat I think? Does the family eat vegetables or are they too dear to afford? Or rather even scarce? You are so blessed to take this journey and offer yourselves and your help x

    • jadeontour says:

      For some reason the bread is a bit sweet, but otherwise it’s regular white bread. Bland and dry to eat without butter or something else.
      It’s not too cold at night, it’s 9.30 PM now and it’s 20 degrees C, but we’re in the city now. In the village it is a bit colder, but not too bad.
      They eat very little vegetables (or fruit), and what is served is usually fried to a crisp. I don’t think it’s because of expense, just culture. There’s not a lot of veggies on the menu in Nepali restaurants either.

  2. Meisjezon11 says:

    Wow Devie, dit is wel aanpakken!
    Liefs en groetjes, Denise
    PS Kun jij Sharanda toevoegen? Ze is zo benieuwd!

    • jadeontour says:

      Zeker! Het is wel het zwaarste project dat we tot nu toe gedaan hebben. Maar ook erg boeiend en mooi om mee te maken.
      Ik krijg een foutmelding als ik S probeer toe te voegen, zal straks nog wat proberen, maar stuur haar anders wel de directe link.

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