Induction (hailstorms & power cuts)

Posted: April 1, 2017 in Nepal
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Today was our first day at the office, where we had our Induction Program. Akkal picked us up from the hotel at 9:30 and whizzed us through the morning traffic. Apparently it was a good day for monkey business, because we spotted the first doing acrobatics from the power lines over the street, and another one later at the office (sadly no pics). I guess they’re the reason the hotel wants us to keep the windows closed when we’re out and at night, it would be quite a surprise to find a monkey in the room.


Pagoda @VIN

We spent the morning learning about VIN as a program, where they work and which projects they’re running. After a Nepali lunch (noodles with vegetables and egg) we learned more about Nepali culture and what to expect in the village. Also, we got a crash course in basic Nepali. It’s going to take us a while to get anywhere near fluent, but it should give the kids in the village something to laugh about.


Supposedly this big. blue building is where one of the Nepali wines is made.

While at the office we handed out our donations of English children’s books, phones, maps and clothes. VIN keeps a tight administration of all the incoming donations so they have a record of what comes in and what goes out. After that it was time to head back into town. The sky began to darken and couple of minutes after we got out of the car, a slight drizzle started -followed by torrential rain and a hailstorm within minutes. Small branches were being blown off trees, the roads were submerged in 10cm of water and the lightning was bright as day. Welcome to the tropics, one might say. But at least it’s a lot less dusty.


Apparently, monkeys are less of a threat to the power lines than thunderstorms: since the storm started, the electricity has been cutting out and coming back on every 20 minutes or so. This explains the emergency power sources (computer UPS) every office, hotel and bar has.


But no worries, we dined by candle light, and are now enjoying a beer under an awning in the garden while lighting illuminates the sky. Tonight we pack up again, tomorrow we start off the day in the office, then it’s off to the village to meet our host family and have some adventures.


Dining by candle light.

We’ve been enjoying Kathmandu, though it’s dusty and heavily polluted city (supposedly the 3rd worst polluted one in the world), but we’re eager to get out of the tourist area and get to work.


(A whole day at the office doesn’t lend itself to very relevant pics, but we’ve got some fruit, veggies and a bike for the Boekeltjes to enjoy.)

  1. Mam says:

    I’m so enjoying your photos and stories. I’ll be sure to show the mountain bike to your father. He’ll be ready to jump right on. Noodles, veggies and egg sounds pretty ok. Good luck with your family

    • jadeontour says:

      Hahaha, I think these hills are a bit more than he’s used to 🙂 The food is fine, luckily nowhere near as spicy as Devie was fearing. It’s a lot of rice though, we’ll post some pics of our meals when we’re back in town on Friday.

  2. Jovanka says:

    Nice!looks like alotta ,rainy & stormy fun;) give my love to the monkeys! hihii im verry curious to how the family is, but im sure they are lovely. happy safe travels you two!<3

  3. Mam says:

    It will be in the end like our old Japanese friend, he almost never ate rice anymore after growing up on rice for nearly every meal xxxxx

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