Posted: March 28, 2014 in Cambodia, Cambodia 2014
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Big news, we’re now building for a family of 5! Mom was MIA for a day, and has given birth to a healthy baby boy at the local hospital (babies are not given a name immediately here, so we’ll just have to call him baby for now). All seems to be well, but this does mean that we now have a newborn and a recovering mother in the middle of a busy building site. Of course there’s not much we can do about that at the moment, except for working hard on getting the house finished, so that’s what we’ve been doing.


Once the school figured out that the project was fine with girls at the building site, and the project figured out that the school was fine with the girls building (it seems that the hired tour guides/interpreters weren’t used to girls building), it turned out that the Korean girls were also quite keen on getting involved in the building process. After putting up the frame on Wednesday it was time to get started on the floor and finish up the bamboo and palm leaf walls.


It seems we weren’t the only ones that were a bit dissatisfied with the building process on Wednesday, the teachers have decided to step back from the building itself, and to focus more on motivating the students/keeping them busy/out of trouble (“stop playing around with that machete!”). While the students took turns working on the floor and the walls (no one likes making these walls), we decided to find our own project for the day, and ended up making the door and the shutter for the window. Both are made of a wooden frame covered with a thin layer of plywood. Once the inside wall is in place we will be able to put them in place.


  1. Mam says:

    Lovely to read , I have been very curious as to how the home was turning out. Thank you

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