Electrician needed at Saelao

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Laos
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We’re almost finished with our electricity project! After another hot and dusty day in the attic of the new kitchen we’ve made quite some progress. We’re really set to finish this before we leave, as you never know how long it will be before another electrically equipped volunteer joins the Saelao project. We might be lucky though, as a French bloke on his way to the lagoon wandered in to see what we were doing, and he turned out to be a fully schooled electrician. Not only did he approve of what we had done so far, which is always good to hear, be also said he would try to see if he could change his travel schedule to come and do the wiring in the community center.

Ever had a pizza without cheese? Well, it certainly is the only option in Laos, as there is hardly any cheese here. But as we learned, that is no reason for a pizza not to be delicious. Especially if the pizzas are wood fire cooked in a mud oven, and you’re sitting around a campfire while enjoying them. It’s become a favorite way for us to spend our evenings.


Because the schools are having exams at the moment most of the English classes have been cancelled so the kids can focus on studying for them, but as the older boys keep coming each night we’ve kept  their classes going. They’re making steady progress through some the books we’ve brought them, so thanks again for the book donations!

  1. Mam says:

    In italy it is very common to have pizza without cheese – like potatoe slices only with salt and olive oil….I would imagine anything vegetarian is delicious when hungry. do they have cheese in Laos or is it something that you brought along? what are the “normal”dishes in Laos? are they as spicy as in Vietnam?

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