Dwarf building inspection

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Laos
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After another long day we’re almost finished! With some help from the dwarf building inspection, as we’ve started to call the little boys that seem find our work very interesting, we’ve managed to get all of the wiring, lights and sockets into place. One more day to check all the wiring and connections once it is ‘live’, and then help put up the new poles for the wiring that got pulled down. We won’t be around to help string up the new cable, though, but that is not a complicated job, so the villagers can do that themselves.

We’re super happy to have gotten our project finished, now it’s just fingers crossed till after the testing!

Other news, an Italian chef has just arrived at the project, to give the restaurant a make over. It’s hilarious to watch this sweet mama, as she has completely taken over. The boys are getting serving lessons, the menu is being updated and last night she taught our cook how to make pasta pesto with local ingredients, amazing! We wish we would be able to witness the fruits of her labour, but alas, it’s getting time for us to be moving on.

  1. Mam says:

    Wow how neat! what a marvelous photo! I printed out all the bits to post to David – guess what he wants to visit in the summer……we will see if in the end he truely dares – and then can we?

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