Work at Saelao

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Laos
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This morning we woke up to mist covered mountains and soaked laundry, because there was an out -of -season downpour last night. Seeing the sun rise through the fog and the mist swirling around the mountains was gorgeous.

As it turns out we arrived here not only during the 4 day holiday we mentioned before, but also at the time the kids are prepping for their school exams. This means that after this wednesday, they will not be showing up for English lessons, as they will be studying for those exams, which means we’ll have our evenings free again. As we’re quite a way out of town,and the road isn’t one we’d like to use much after dark, we spend our free evenings hanging out at Saelao with the other volunteers.


One of the more constructive projects we will be doing here is getting the electricity in the project set up, and that involved making an inventory of what is needed and what is possible. As mentioned before, the state of the grid is awful -it is so bad that if a fridge switches on, the whole village a km down the road sees its lights dim for a second. Sticking a volt meter in powersockets gives a surreal readout. Where one is accustomed to a steady 240V in Europe, you can see the voltage fluctuate between 205 and 215 here in a matter of seconds, while it is supposed to be 220V.

Getting the materials needed for the ‘leccy is quite the expedition too: this involved a ride into town on the back of a moped, 7km over the worst roads on the planet and then back with a load of cable, switches, fuses and such.

If you would like to know more about the Saelao project you van read about it here.


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