Wedding invitation

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Laos
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Oops! Totally forgot the main reason we went to town today (Besides adding these posts, of course): We’re invited to a Lao wedding in the village this sunday, and had to get a decent attire not to stand out too much. As far as we’ve been able to figure out, we’re expected to show up noonish and then drink till dusk. First chance we have after the wedding we’ll be posting pictures and drinking stories.

  1. Jovanka Vukojevic says:

    Nice! it must be a great honour to be invited:) im verry curious to what you& J will be wearing,
    and how that whole ceremony goes,and ofcourse that drinking party afterwards..hihih that is bound to give very funny pictures! so put them up realy soon!XXXJovi

  2. Mam says:

    Hello Sweeties,

    I am printing them all out as it is so so cold in this computer room – no feeling in a few fingers already just from turning it on! I love your stories. And am very thankful indeed that you were able to send updates! A wealth of them – thank you.
    take care and I am off to a warmer room! love mam

  3. Riekje says:

    Question for J.: mbt koksmessen welk model wilde je, de actie loopt tot de 31e? en 2e keus?

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