Posted: January 14, 2012 in Laos
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The night sky here is amazing! As we’re far from town it gets quite dark, so there’s loads of stars. We arrived during full moon and it’s incredible how much light it gives off. Two nights later, you can’t see a thing.


Due to the village holiday, we got to go see a man a few villages down the road who is looking to make a cave and a spring on his land accessible to tourists. On the way there we got to play knight in shing armour for a woman whose moped had broken down. A couple of minutes of tinkering later she was on the move again, but the moped needs a new sprocket or the problem will keep returning.

Half an hour’s drive later, we arrived at the village where the man who wants to go into the tourist business lives, and got started on the tour.


After having trudged through a rocky stream barefoot for half an hour, we got to a tiny spring. Some of the clearest water ever, but making it a place people are willing to travel an hour for seems a bit optimistic. Next came the trek up the mountain to the  cave. We didn’t go all the way there because the last part involved climbing straight up a 10m sheer cliff, holding on to tree roots. J does not like heights, and D had a bleeding toe from stubbing it on a rock in the creek, so we left the actual spelonking to the rest of the group, while we enjoyed the gorgeous view across the valley.


Later, we heard we hadn’t missed much except for some translucent spiders and some sheer drops in the dark.

D and J were glad they stayed outside, and were the first to make it back down the mountain, where they found a village sporting an actual bar. Not that that meant much, because the moment we tried to order a beer all the staff disappeared into a backroom and stayed there until we left. Apparently, making a buck off of a couple of tourists is not part of the routine there yet.

  1. Jovanka Vukojevic says:

    Hey Guys!:) how weird that you cant even order a drink, so..they dont like tourists that much?hm..and how is that toe of yours?? hopefully ok and fully operating again! and whats that about translucent spiders? iiiii i have big respect for you that you havent had a heart atack yet! i know i would:P well..Miss you guys and enjoy your trip and most importantly be safe:) Big XXX from cold Amsterdam Brrrrr Jovi

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