More piglets!

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Laos
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Yay! More piglets today, so now we’re up to a total of 13. They’re teeny tiny and super cute, waddling around with their curly tails and umbilical cords still attached. Mom no. 2 is a bit more protective than mom no. 1, and doesn’t like visitors coming too close, which is a bit of a hassle as she gave birth on the side of one of the trails and the new family is still there due to lack of pens.

We’ve been busy working on the mud house again today. Now that the awning is finished we’re making a concrete base around the house, to protect it from rain splashing the walls and erosion. We started out by digging a trench around the house, in which we’ve started making a wall out of bricks. Within this three brick high wall we’ll eventually pour out concrete. But for now digging and masonry in the sun is keeping us quite busy. Having one of the local workmen accidentaly hit the waterpipe didn’t speed things along today, but it did give us a moat around the house and a chance to play in the mud!

We had a horror movie experience the other night when coming back from town after dark. When we arrived back at the farm all was quiet and dark, the gate was closed but luckily unlocked. So we slid open the gate and started to make our way back to the house, while cursing ourselves for not bringing the flashlights with us. Halfway down the trail a light in between the trees a little in front and down hill from us caught our attention. “There isn’t a bungalow down there, is there?” As we slowly made our way towards the house we turned left to see what the light was, only to see a severed white goats head hanging from a tree under a lamp. Brrrrrr. Two days later, all that was left of it was the horns and the top of the skull. It looked like something off of an Ozzy Osbourne album.

Although this is an organic farm, it is in no way a vegetarian farm. The goats are kept for milk and compost purposes, but for meat as well. Turns out the goat was slaughtered for a local wedding, but as to why they kept the severed head illuminated and attached swinging from the tree, we have no clue…

(Pics coming later, though not of the goat)

  1. Riekje says:

    morbid goats and tiny piglest… animal farm revisited. Any cats?

    • jadeontour says:

      Cats? Yep, but they are tiny: they look like they’re 3 months old or so. And they are very shy, which is probably for the better as they look like your typical 3rd world mangy critters. The dogs here have, for some reason, decided J. is their lord and master, and follow him around everywhere.

  2. Mam says:

    ooh makes me remember a horrible picnic that I went on when I was first in France when I was 16 and they roasted a goat – a whole one on a spit in the back garden……someone even cracked open the head to dip out the brains with a piece of bread. If that isn’t an ozzy idea then I don’t know what is……….yikkie give me a carrot any day!

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