Day 3

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Laos
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Hey all,

We have surprise internet access, hooray! We’ve been busy with the awning again today, plus working on fixing up some of the signs on the farm. It was a nice and warm but cloudy day, so that really helped our productivity. Tomorrow we plan on starting up with the mud, as we broke off some of the mud plaster while building. Should be fun!

Also, big thanks to Agnes for arranging the first aid kit! It came in handy when J cut his hand on a piece of  roofing material. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. We’ve got him all bandaged up, which is a bit annoying in this weather, but better than an infected cut on his hand.

Till next time!

  1. Riekje says:

    Are his tetanus shots still valid? Just a thought…

    • jadeontour says:

      Hey Riekje,

      Luckily they are, he got a new one just before we left. The cut isn’t that serious and healing nicely, so he should be ok. But we’re keeping an eye on it.


    • jadeontour says:

      Yep sis, my shots are ok. And Devie makes it sound a lot worse than it is, I just have a band aid over a cut in my hand. It bled quite a bit the first minutes or so, and that’s what made it look more serious. But bleeding is good -it washes out whatever filth might have gotten in there.

  2. Mam says:

    Oh Jasper! Take care – have a soak now and again in boiled cooled water with a bit of salt. Won’t do anything with tetanus will do something for infections…..take care! love mam

    • jadeontour says:

      The way the message was first posted sounds a lot more serious than it actually is. My “bandaged hand” is actually just a 5cm band-aid on the side of my left hand. It bled quite a lot at first, but I don’t actually feel it anymore now. It was a pretty deep gash, kind of triangular with a piece of skin flapped back. Once I pushed that back into place and taped it shut, the problem was more or less gone. Oh yeah: I am quite experienced in taking care of wounds in the tropics -I’ve had my share, to say the least.
      So don’t worry about my physical well being, I’ll be ok.
      Thanks for the concern, though.

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