First impressions of Laos

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Laos
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Sleeper Bus

After wishing you a happy new year we headed off to the bus that would take us on the 4 hour journey to the Organic Farm. We were greatly surprised to find out it was a sleeper coach, though we were scheduled to leave at 10 AM. Maybe it was because of Newyears, or maybe it’s just the Lao way, but we all climbed aboard and adjusted to these seating/laying arrangements as best as we could. As J is about the size of two Lao it was a bit of a squeeze, but we survived.


In Vang Vieng we took a tuktuk and arrived at the Organic Farm. This place is paradise!! (Well, between 9AM and noon, but more about that later.) There’s pigs, goats, geese and chickens, mulberry, hibiscus, starfruit and bananatrees, to name a few. The farm is situated a few kilometers out of town, surrounded by the many mountains and right next to the river. Amazing!

Mud house

We’re staying in a cute bungalow made out of mud, that we’re fixing up at the moment. Though there’s enough to do at this farm we’ll be moving on to a new one that’s still being set up later this week, as there’s more building to do there. The new farm is further off from the town, and has a more rural, basic feel and is nice and close to a beautiful blue lagoon up in the mountains. There we’ll work on the community centre and the restaurant kitchen which are being built there.


Also, we won’t mind getting a bit further away from town, as this town is….. well hell, actually. Vang Vieng is the Chersonissos of Laos, filled with drunken party people and seems to have very little to do with Laos. Though the farm is out of town, it’s right next to where the tubing starts, which means that from 12 o’clock onwards the loud music starts and tuktuks full of partygoers start arriving. And then paradise disappears.

Happy as a pig in...

The tubers do leave us with some funny anecdotes, so it’s not all bad. We had a blind drunk guy stumbling around the farm last night, searching for a girl in blue underwear he lost sometime during the day. We told him she was on her way to the Pacific ocean. Apart from the tubers all is grand, we’ve spent all day working in the sun with a Lao guy who doesn’t speak a word of English, the food is great, our fellow volunteers are interesting and the farm is really lovely.

Untill next time!

P.S. if the layout appears weird it’s because we’re using a tablet to post this and we’re not quite used to it yet.

  1. Mam says:


    For goodness sakes – times like this in Laos are things I never quite expected. thank you for writing about it. I can imagine Jasper that you are very nearly the size of three Lao! I wonder though did the sleeper bus take longer than 4 hours to arrive? Here it is very very blowy and rainy, A blessing to be far and away. take care! love mam

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